While painting I mostly listen to my favourite music, which not always,

but in most cases would be some Death- and Thrashmetal. I think

that these vibes are visible in my artwork, therefor I picked out some

pieces – now available for music-productions (coverart, merch, etc.).

Besides those "ready to go" images, of course I'm available for new

comissions and creative cooperations... Feel free to get in touch! 

Bob, January 2023



 Current selection available (... even more in the basement) :


Coverart custom work: Motive- and conceptual development. In between-checks and finall proof. Exclusive rights.

Coverart from existing material: Adaption to different media (color, contrast etc.). (Exclusive) Rights by arrangement.


 All artwork handcrafted analogue (mostly paint and brush). Digital tools only used for print editing.

 Some paintings of this selection are still available as original (all acrylics on canvas, different sizes).


 Any business enquiries, please