...offers fine handcrafted art, with current focus on Comix, painting and cover-artwork.

You will also find regulary updated news about my works of illustration, infos regarding

the upcoming book about 80ies Punk, and (soon again – fresh) musically activities.


Working with those media, mentioned above since the 80ies, bred from Vienna's underground –

where Comix and Punk, later then Metal and painting all influenced each other, sometimes

melt into some strange creations – I proudly present you an overview of my work here.

Everything handcrafted analogue. Digital tools used only for final edit.


Hope you enjoy!


If you look for a special piece of art – coverartwork, merch, original painting,

presents, or something I even have not thought of yet – just get in contact!


 Open for comissioned work.


Any business enquiries,

please email.